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We really love the clean, simple, elegant and considered aesthetic of the Plum & Ashby brand. We ordered from them right at the beginning of their journey and it has been a pleasure to watch them grown and flourish into the beautiful company they are today. Their products are inspired by and celebrate a love of the British countryside and (with a few small exceptions) their products are made in England and are enriched with natural ingredients. 


Wild Fig & Saffron -

Warm and indulgent spicy notes, patchouli essential oils blended with natural coconut oil makes for a luxuriously scented and moisturising bathing experience.


Seaweed & Samphire - 

Fresh cool citrus notes, together with woody undertones are blended with natural coconut oil to make a luxuriously scented and super moisturising bathing experience!


- 225 ml

- Waterproof label

- Dermotologically tested

- Not tested on animals

- No parabens 

- Made in England 

Plum & Ashby Bath Essence

  • We accept all major credit and debit cards and payment via Paypal.

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