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Blackberry, Coffee and Coconut Milk Chocolate Bar - Malbec

Smooth and indulgent the flavours of blackberry, coffee and coconut are perfectly balanced with sweet milk chocolate. Amazing matched with a glass of Malbec, or enjoyed on its own.


- 100g


Blueberry, Vanilla and Black Peppercorn Dark Chocolate Bar - Cabernet Sauvignon 

Rich and indulgent, fruity blueberries combined with the delicate sweet flavour of vanilla, finished with a hint of peppery spice. A perfect match with Cabernet Sauvignon or amazing on its own.


- 100g


Mint, Blackcurrant and Rose Dark Chocolate - Syrah

Rich and exotic, the classic combination of mint and dark chocolate complimented by rich blackcurrant and fragrant rose petals. Ideal with a glass of Syrah, or just on its own as an indulgent treat.


- 100g


Raspberry, Apple and Elderflower Milk Chocolate Bar - Champagne

Vibrant and fruity, sweet raspberries paired with delicate elderflower and fruity apples combined in smooth milk chocolate. The ultimate treat with a glass of fizz!


- 100g



Wine Pairing Chocolate Bars

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