First we were drawn to the beautiful printed packaging and then captivated by the wonderful fragrances! Library of flowers is a small batch American perfumery which, employing artisan craftsmanship, aims to create memorable journeys through sight and scent. These products really are a delight for the senses, leaving you skin fragrant and soft with pretty packaging to delight the eyes. We love the idea that scents evoke memories and we hope that these will bring you happy ones!


Field and Flowers 

Apricot - Honeyed Blossom - Wildflowers 



Sugared Fig - Ambrosia Hone - Royal Bee Blossom 



Linden Blossom - Narcissus - Clover Honey


Wonderfully fragrant and refreshing these handcrafted soaps are enriched with generous amounts of ultra rich Shea Butter to make them cleansing and skin softening.


- 140g 



Library of Flowers Soap Bar

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