Founder of Field Day Ireland, Alix Mulholland describes her basic luxuries as - 

‘A summer field of sweet clover. A cosy log fire on a winter’s day. Stone walls covered in wild bramble and fragrant rose. The sun on my face. Freshly laundered linen. The soothing sound of the sea. A warm bath after a long walk. The gentle glow of soft candle light.’ We could’t agree more and these simple pleasures are reflected in the beautiful range of Field Day candles.


ROSE HIP - Rose hip, rhubarb, crushed green leaves

NETTLE & MINT - Crushed green leaves, thyme, spearmint

BUTTERCUP - Buttercup, mimosa, jasmine  


- Vegan

- Cruelty free

- Double poured by hand 

- 100% vegetable soy wax

- 40 hr burn time

- Re-usable glass jar

Field Day - Jam Jar Candle